Marketers can’t help you if your product sucks!

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Marketers have this reputation to turn crap into gold although it’s a fallacy. A crappy product is always crappy, good marketing can help you get some attention and a few sales but once the product is in the hands of the final consumer, you are done.

The consumer is smart, he/she knows what to buy and if you hurt his buying beliefs, your brand should get ready to face some massive hits.

In this digital age, where everything is exposed to social media, can you expect to sell a crappy product and get away with it?

In today’s time where we are heading toward personalization, even average products don’t have a chance in the market. Your Product must be awesome. That’s when marketing can help you. People tend to forget this all the time.


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I am crazy about Apps and Websites. I have always wasted my hard-earned money in trying out different apps. As The Head of Content and Marketing at Erpinnews, I get chances to use different apps (Of course they are for business). I have an affinity for this industry and I do reviews and tutorials for free. Feel free to suggest which app you would like me to review. and I'll do that for you

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