My First Personal Blog

Now, It can be daunting for quite a number of people to start a new blog. I have been doing it for quite a while now for companies and it’s time I should embark my own journey.

Who inspired me to start my personal blog?

I am a voracious reader of business and marketing blogs and I have learned quite a lot from top producers in my industry. I am a huge fan of Neil Patel and Seth Godin.  I learned a lot from Neil and him inspired me to write and help people what I learned from my experience. I will be posting on every form(Blogs, Videos, podcasts etc) possible.


What is my motive to start this Blog?

There is no ulterior motive, to be honest. I want to help people make better business and marketing decisions. I want to share what I learned from people around me and practical experiences which I have ever had. I won’t be making money from this blog by selling any service as I am currently working for a big organization as a Marketing Director. I make money from them not alone. After I start writing frequently, a lot of you might ask me to provide consultation but unfortunately, I won’t be able to provide any paid consultancy but I will always answer people for free forever.

Why you should consider subscribing to me?

You won’t find any bias or shady blog just to make money on my profile. I have made money in the past with those kinds of blogs (Let me be honest). Here, I am using my personal name and developing a connection with you so I won’t be doing any shady stuff ever. I will try to answer as many questions I can to help you.

I want to help you and my reward is my audience appreciation.

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